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We deliver climate with competence and service

The company

Since 2006 we are active as a worldwide transit trader of high-quality energy efficient air conditioning devices and systems in all fields of climate technology. Our customers are retailers and distributors who like to rely on our knowhow and our experience in the international procurement of climate technique. Focus areas of our worldwide operations are the Russian and Ukraine markets.

We distribute exclusively renowned manufacturers whose products attain a leading position in the fields of quality, performance and energy efficiency. DDC stands for a universal network of contractors, logisticians and global partners. To meet all needs of our customers just in time we operate from a warehouse based in Bremerhaven (Germany). Due to our organizational structure we are able to guaranty our customers smooth and reliable procedures from the order to the delivery.

Our strong points are in the consulting of our customers as well as the joint development of individual solutions for improvement, enlargement and new building of climate systems together with our partners.
In doing so DDC assures the delivery capacity of the producers, managing the logistics as well as the transport to the end-customer.

Feel free to contact us, we are at your competent disposal.

Service and performance

Consulting and implementation: We develop with our partners individual solutions for improvement, enlargement and new building of climate systems. Choose on energy efficiency with us! DDC assures the delivery capacity of the manufacturers, managing the logistics as well as the transport. Customs clearance while transit deliveries will be fulfilled by DDC. Every customer has its unique requirements – we have the essential experience. We help our customers planning their project from the beginning. DDC is working due to actual environmental and security standards and conditions.

What is the meaning of DDC?

DDC is the acronym for DIRCECT DIGITAL CONTROL. The purchased systems permitted to be programmed freely to control and regulate building climate systems or else. This technique has set to assume increasing significance throughout the last years. Nevertheless because of the favorable price/performance ratio it will be the upcoming technology of the nearer future and will replace the conventional analogous regulation systems sooner or later completely.
Direct digital control regulatory systems can generate efficient and economical optimal use of building facilities without losing comfort for the occupants of the building – for example by using optimization programs for heating and ventilation. Significant energy saving potential and avoiding of energy consumption is especially to find in the total cut off of devices outside of non using times and the switch on shortly before using period starts again. In addition DDC substations could assist these processes.