Individual solutions for improvement, enlargement
and new building

Comfort A/C

Room air conditioning maintains a pleasant atmosphere – at home and at work. For the CIS countries DDC Klimat GmbH is the official retailer of energy-efficient air-conditioning systems from Daikin, Kentatsu, Midea and DRAABE.

The comfort air-conditioning units we offer range from simple split devices with a small output for individual rooms through small multisplit units for several rooms right up to extensive VRF multisplit room air-conditioning systems with high overall outputs for large premises.

Precision A/C

In data centers and switching nodes, for example, precision air-conditioning units regulate temperature and humidity to the degree. They ensure the high availability of computer performance economically and reliably in continuous operation. They are also used in sensitive areas of hospitals, for example in MRI and operating theaters.

Heating technology

The new heating technology by Kentatsu defines new standards in eastern europe. Together with our planners we show that the future works already now.

Telecom A/C

Our systems keep the receiving and transmitting stations of mobile phone networks in steady climate, whatever the weather is. Compact, robust and economical to run, our systems work around the clock for many years to ensure the availability of mobile phone technology. This technology is also in use in radio relay networks.

Air humidification

For a lot of industrial branches optimal and constant air humidification ia an important work and production factor. Measureable costs savings, improvings of quality and a healthy comfortable climate are the results of our professional designed and secure working Condair Systems air humidification installations. The application range contains for example Electronic industry, food industry, print and packaging companies, museums, wine storage as well as office/home comfort.

Chilled water generators

Reliable and cost-effective cooling with water: water conveys heat 3500 times better than air. The chilled water generators from our product lines were developed for maximum reliability in data centers and in the field of medicine. They work in every local temperature profile and with maximum efficiency – 24/7, 365 days a year.

We carry products for closed-circuit air conditioning with water:

    -for outdoor installation with optional free cooling to increase energy efficiency
    -air-cooled chillers for indoor installation.

Split-versions of the systems are as well suitable for applications that are sound-sensitive. They consist of an indoor unit and an air-cooled outdoor condenser.
Additionally we can project pump stations with integrated buffer tank for chilled water for indoor and outdoor installation. Interfaces between the chilled water supply and sensitive information technology reduce the risk of leakage.