Our energy efficient air conditioning technology of well-known manufacturers

We distribute exclusively renowned manufacturers whose products attain a leading position in the fields of quality, performance and energy efficiency. Every customer has its unique requirements – we have the individual solution for cooling, heating and air humidification.

Condair Systems

Individual systems solutions for all applications in industry, business, comfortable living and office. Condair Systems full service packages ensure hygienically safety in air humidification systems – even in russia.



Complete program of standard fans for building technology, available in short term delivery times. Long term expirience and steady development in all applications of air and climate technology, even though in indoor air quality and energy efficiency.


OJ Electronics

Intelligent and  energy efficient solutions for  indoor air quality management. Wether control systems for electronic or hot water underfloor heating and HVAC controls, all these products deliver sustainability in room atmosphere.



Focussed on environmental friendliness, Daikin produces modern, eco-friendly and on constant high quality standard to gurantee "feel-good" atmosphere.



The performance and innovation advantage of Kentatsu climate air conditioning devices shows ecological responsibility. Continuous performance regulation - without interfaces – inspires.



These  climate air conditioning devices are very efficient to purchase and allow indivdual air conditioning.



A complete range of desiccant based products and systems which recovers energy, improve ventilation and regulate air humidity. The FläktWoods technology desires to reach the most cost-effecient solution for the dilemma of climate – energy consumption - sustainability.